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هموطنان عزيز مقيم هليفكس

در بزرگداشت  عزيزان درگذشته مان در فاجعه هوايى  و در پشتيبانى  و همراهى با خانواده هاى داغدار و آنچه اين روزها بر آنها ميرود ، روز چهارشنبه  ٢٢ ژانويه در محل كتابخانه مركزى هليفكس گرد هم مياييم شمعى كه ميافروزيم يادمان خورشيد هاى تابناك وجود تك تك
عزيزان از دست رفته مان خواهد بود.

همچنين راس ساعت  ٦:٣٠ بعدازظهر  با يك دقيقه سكوت،  به آرامش زندگى  ابدى آن عزيزان اداى احترام ميكنيم بى هيچ ترديدى احترام حقيقى به جانهاى بيگناه از دست رفته و همچنين به
  آرامش رسيدن .بازماندگان را جز در پاسخگويى شفاف مسئولين اين فاجعه  و اجراى عدالت نميبينيم

جمعى از ايرانيان مقيم هليفكس

چهارشنبه   ٢٢ ژانويه
ساعت ٧-٦ بعدازظهر 
كتابخانه مركزى هليفكس 

On Wednesday, January 22 ,we will gather at the Halifax Central Library in the memory of the precious lives lost in the horrific plane crash on Jan 8th in Iran in which 173 lives were taken. 
Every candle we burn will represent the eternal sunshine in the heart of everyone of those we lost, and with our moment of silence we will express our respects to their beautiful  resting souls.
With no doubts, only with transparency, clarification and dispensing justice,we could somehow hope for comfort and peace in the heart of the grieving and distressed families and the mourning people all around the world.


Please come and join us on Wednesday, Jan 22
 6-7 pm
Halifax Central Library


Iranian Cultural Society of Nova Scotia (ICS) is a registered not-for-profit, non-political and non-religious organization established in 2002. Our mission is primarily to promote the Iranian culture and support the Iranian-Canadian community in Nova Scotia. Since establishment, and with the help of hundreds of Iranian and non-Iranian volunteers, ICS has performed numerous cultural activities in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Every year the Iranian Cultural Society of Nova Scotia hosts various activities for the Iranian community. We encourage non-Iranians to attend our cultural activities as we are always looking for a way to unite different cultures in one community.


ICS offers a wide range of activities from sports to expert talks to training courses.


ICS gratefully acknowledges support from the various organizations and individuals without whom our services would not have been possible.

دعوت به جلسه مجمع عمومى

انجمن فرهنگى ايرانيان نوااسكوشيا از شما عزيزان دعوت بعمل مياورد در جلسه مجمع عمومى انجمن به تاريخ ٢٣ فوريه حضور بهم رسانيد

دستور جلسه

  1.  ارائه گزارشى از فعاليتهاى صورت گرفته در طول  سال گذشته

  2. ارائه گزارش سال مالى انجمن

  3. راى گيرى به منظور انتخاب سه نفر و تكميل كادر هيئت مديره انجمن

لازم به ذكر است راى گيرى بصورت حضورى انجام گرفته و امكان دادن راى بصورت وكالتى نميباشد
مشاركت هرچه فعال تر هر يك از ما  كمك به شكل گرفتن انجمنى هرچه نزديكتر به نظرات كليت كاميونيتى ايرانى و در نتيجه عملكردى فعال تر ، پوياتر و  تاثيرگذارتر  بر جامعه ايرانيان نوااسكوشيا  بعنوان بخشى ارزشمند از جامعه كانادا خواهد بود

در اين راستا از كليه  دوستانى كه امكان و فرصت همكارى در بورد انجمن فرهنگى را دارند به جد تقاضا ميگردد با كانديدا كردن خود در انتخابات پيش رو، جامعه ايرانيان نوااسكوشيا را يارى نمايند.

يكشنبه ٢٣ فوريه ٢٠٢٠
ساعت ٥-٣ بعدازظهر
كتابخانه مركزى هليفكس  طبقه سوم  اتاق ٣٠١


با آرزوى موفقيت براى جامعه ايرانى

انجمن فرهنگی ایرانیان نوا اسکوشیا

Invitation to The Annual General Meeting

Dear Community members,

We would like to invite you to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Iranian Cultural Society
of Nova Scotia, being held:

February 23, 2020 – From 3:00-5:00 PM
Halifax Central Library, Room#301, Third floor
5440 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, NS B3J 1E9

The following subjects will be reviewed at this meeting:
-Society’s activities annual report
-Annual financial report
-Updates on the Society’s amended memorandum

There will also be an election for 3 main members of the board of directors.
Please note that all the voters required to be present in person.
If you would like to hold a position and become a candidate at this election please notify us in
This is a great opportunity to get involved and work together to build a stronger cultural society
for our community.

We look forward to seeing you all.

Yours Sincerely,
Board of directors
Iranian Cultural Society of Nova Scotia










“Memorial Bursary Fund in memory of victims of flight PS752 in Iran” 

Please support!

The Dalhousie community and people from all over the world remain in shock following the devastating crash of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 on January 8th, which took the lives of all 176 passengers on board. Among the deceased – including academics, doctors, and children – are five people from Halifax.
On behalf of the Dalhousie Iranian Student Society, we extend our most heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this tragic incident.
Now, we want to honour their memory through a newly established and student-led bursary, the Iranian Memorial Bursary. We want to keep their name alive and help others with same goal. Please help us in reaching this goal.


ICS welcomes your support. Learn more about ways to get involved.